Playa del Carmen

Mexico_Playa del Carmen_1Playa del Carmen originates from an old fisherman’s’ village known as Xaman Há in the Maya language. Today Playa is a popular coastal resort town in the state of Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico with a population of more than 55,000.

The town is located along the Mayan Riviera  and has all the advantages of a Mexican Caribbean resort – a dazzling, white-sand beach, turquoise sea, a huge range of bars, restaurants and places to stay.

It is a real tropical paradise that has been quietly turning into a preferred vacation place for a greater number of tourist over the past decade. At the same time Playa has managed to retain a relaxed, low-rise village atmosphere which has nothing in common with the large-scale tourist resorts elsewhere on the coast.

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