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London’s traditional food is not very impressive. It is strongly influenced by Continental Europe as well as a variety of ingredients from all over the world has entered the English cuisine.

In recent years locally caught eels have been gradually replaced by minced beef but they have still been served with or without pie and mash somewhere in London.

Other very typical dishes for the city are roast beef (usually served with Yorkshire Pudding), meatloaf, meat and vegetables patties and Fish & Chips (battered and fried hake with French fries).

As a beer brewing country, the most spread-out and preferred beer in England and in London, in particular, is Real Ale (known also as Cask beer), It is a top-fermented beer (with a range of different flavours) that completes its secondary fermentation in the container (a brewer’s cask) from which it is served.

Good typical English pubs that offer Real Ale and local meals are:

* Charles Dickens offers traditional Real Ale.
* Fox & Anchor is well-known for its outstanding food and Real Ale.
* The Southwark Tavern is a great neighborhood pub offering Real Ale.

The dessert offering in London includes a traditional apple pie and blueberry crumble (a kind of crispy tart filled with fresh blueberries and chopped walnuts).

The traditional drink is the well-known “English tea” always served at 5.00pm. Drinking tea is not only a habit for locals, it is a part of the culture of London and most parts of England as well.

Famous places of that kind are:

Piebury Corner: 209 -211 Holloway Road, LONDON, N7 8DL
* Manze’s: Tower Bridge Road, SE1
* The Windmill: 6-8 Mill Street; London, W1S 2AZ

Bars and Clubs
The majority of pubs in England close at 11pm.  As to chain pubs and bars they work even after midnight (even till 3m at weekends). Clubs in London vary from drum-n-bass, techno, hip hop to house, or jazz depending on the neighbourhood they are located in. Leicester Square and Covent Garden are generally crowded with tourists and most of the tourist-oriented clubs are namely there.

* Princess Louise: It’s a typical Victorian public house with remarkable interior. Drinks were segregated according to the social status; The address is: 208-209 High Holborn / London / WC1V 7BW.
* Aura Mayfair: A famous night club with a good vibe. It offers a menu of international cuisine, an extensive range of drinks and a diverse mix of music. The address is:  48-49 St James’s St, London, Greater London SW1A 1JT, United Kingdom.
* Boujis: A smart place for a night out, offering cocktails and nice music. The address is:  43 Thurloe St, London, Greater London SW7 2LQ, United Kingdom.

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