What to wear

Rio_What to wearRio de Janeiro has a tropical climate and  light clothing is quite enough all the year round without packing any cold weather gear. The temperature in the city is 20 degrees on average, reaching 40+ degrees Celsius in hot, humid and blazing high summer months (i.e. December and January) while winters are a little bit rainy and cooler although still comfortably warm.

As a whole the residents of Rio de Janeiro dress fairly informally and casually. Their clothes are simple but with style. Good casual clothes are fine for even the best restaurants and a night out.

Usually natives and tourists alike wear T-shirts, shorts, Havaianas (the Brazilian version of flip flops) and non-slip sandals and shoes (sidewalks can be slippery when it rains).

In winter months something warmer is needed, especially at night. A good choice is a long sleeve shirt, layer clothes and a light jacket.

A one-piece swim suit is always a distinguishing feature of tourists because native girls in Rio don’t sunbathe topless. Bikini style is still alive.

Brazilian Sarong or “Kanga” is more common than a beach towel. Flip flops are necessary for walks along the beach.

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