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The typical Carioca cuisine is distinguished by the following three major, national dishes.

Feijoãda: It is a bean stew with fresh beef or pork served with rice and accompanied with sausages. It also includes other vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and cabbage.

Churrasco: It is another prominent meal of Brazil and the region, in particular. Churrasco is a meal prepared with up to ten types of grilled meat, usually served with a salad, beans or rice.

Leão Veloso Soup: It is a traditional seafood broth made of shrimp heads and fish, accompanied with tomatoes and saffron.

Good Brazilian churrascaria restaurants in Rio de Janeiro offering traditional dishes are:

* Churrascaria Rio Sul is one the famous churrascarias in Rio where meat is cooked in Churrasco (barbecue) style.
* Porcão is a chain of churrascarias in Rio de Janeiro offering some of the best beef in the world.
* Carretão is another churrascaria restaurant in Rio famous for its rich menu of traditional dishes.

Cafeteria and Confectionery
Here are some of the traditional sweets and drinks preferred in Rio de Janeiro.

Quindim is a baked dessert made from egg yolks, sugar, and shredded coconut (ground coconut). Baba de moca is as delicious as quindim and is also made chiefly from egg yolks. Its other ingredients are coconut milk, caramel, and cinnamon. Melon ambrosia is also preferred as a dessert in Rio. This type of fruit salad with assorted fruits is widely consumed with shredded coconut and melon and is very refreshing on hot days.

The cariocas usually drink coconut water or tropical fruit juices. The classic beverage of Rio de Janeiro the “Caipirinha” (a refreshing drink consisting of cane liquor, lemon, sugar, and ice.

Some of the confectioneries that worth a visit in Rio de Janeiro are:

* Confeitaria Colombo: Rua Goncalves Dias 32,Centro, Rio de Janeiro, 20050-030
* Petits Fours:  R. Aristides Espínola, 101 – Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, 22440-050, Brazil
* Cevada Bar:  Rua Marquês de Abrantes, 19, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22230-061, Brazil

Bars and Clubs
Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City), as the Cariocas call it, is not only an amazing and beautiful city but also boasts a great and diversified nightlife. The music in the bars of Rio varies from electronic and hip hop to rock and Carioca Funk.

The city is also known as the “City of Samba” because, actually, Samba first appeared early in the 20th century namely in Rio. Today numerous “Casas de Samba” (“Houses of Samba”) offer live music and attract a great number of samba-lovers every night.

Pagode  de mesa” is also a must. Principally, pagode is mostly played by a group of fellows who bring their instruments to a bar, sit around it and start to play.

Last but not least, “Gafiera” dance hall is worth a visit. It is the place where the Cariocas are out to have a fun night of dancing with a partner. Some suggestions for night bars are:

* Carioca da Gema: It is one of the most famous Casas de Samba in Rio de Janeiro.  The address is:   Av. Mem de Sá, 79 – Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, 20230-150, Brazil.
* Pagode da Tia Doca:  It is the most popular pagode place both with locals and tourists alike. The address is: R. João Vicente, 219 – Madureira, Rio de Janeiro, 21340-020, Brazil.
* Gafieira Estudantina: It isa very famous well-known gafiera in Rio de Janeiro. The address is: Praça Tiradentes, 79 – Centro, Rio de Janeiro, 20060-070, Brazil.

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