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The transportation options in Rio de Janeiro include:

* City Buses (non-air conditioned) and Executive Buses (or also called “Frescao”; air-conditioned): It is the cheapest transportation in Rion de Janeiro. The bus system in Rio de Janeiro is independently operated by a number of agencies, Rio Onibus being a very good transportation choice. It provides a bus number and stations list on its website.

* Subway/metro.

* Vans are municipal  minibsues which are a faster transportation alternative in the city and serve a vital role in everyday life. Safety regulations appear loose and seldom enforced. Vans are not sometimes registered and work illegally.

* Ferry service: Rio has several islands in the bay that can be visited by ferry. On the other hand, a few ferry services operate between the Rio Centro and several points in Niteroi (its sister town on the other side of Guanabara Bay). Barcas SA operates most of the ferries in Rio de Janeiro.

* Gonodola: 6 gondolas transport visitors and locals alike from the hillside flavelas into Rio.

Railway and trains
Rail transport services in Brazil are operated by a variety of private and public operators like América Latina Logística, Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos and SuperVia Trens Urbanos.

Taxi services
Taxi system works in Rio de Janeiro quite well and taxis are inexpensive. Official, metered taxis are yellow in colour. Regular taxis can be hailed anywhere on the street. Blue or red taxis operate from the airports. Radio taxis are 30% more expensive, but safer. Radio taxis include: Centraltáxi , Coopatáxi , Transcoopass, Coopertramo and some others.

More information on taxi routes, tariffs and costs can be found here.

* Hertz
* Avis
* Localiza
* Sixt

Buses from the airport to Rio de Janeiro
There are three transfer options from Galeao International to downtown Rio.
* Air-conditioned buses (Frescao) operated by Real Auto Bus or Empresa Real.
* Pre-paid taxis: Prices are about double the regular taxis but negotiations with taxi drivers are avoided this way.
* Metered Taxis (yellow taxis)

Shuttles from the airport
A shuttle van transfer is possible from the airport to downtown Rio and vice versa. It’s an on-line transfer service that can be pre-booked up until 24 hours in advance. Some of the good providers of airport transfers are as follows:
* Green Path Transfers
* Shuttle Rio
* Gray Line Tours

Sailboat and Yacht Rental
* The Globe Sailor
* Inter Yacht Charter
* Latitude Charter
* Orion Yachts

Parking lots
The safe parking possibilities in Rio de Janeiro are few. There are both self-park & valet-park garages that are the so-called “rodaviarios” which are good but tight. Some hotels offer parking lots but at an extra charge. Generally shopping malls have excellent parking facilities but paid.

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