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Lisbon_Other info Free wi-fi spots
Cafes and restaurants in Lisbon provide free WiFi hotspots. Visitors can get information on WiFi Cafe Spots through the cross-platform application “Free WiFi Cafe Spots”. The application is available for: Android , iOS and Windows.

Shopping malls/areas
The addresses and websites of the most important Shopping Centers in Lisbon are listed below:
* AMOREIRAS: Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco
* ARMAZENS DO CHIADO: Rua do Carmo, 2, Chiado , Metro station: Baixa-Chiado
* ATRIUM SALDANHA: Saldanha Square, Uptown, Metro station: Saldanha
* CENTRO VASCO DA GAMA: Parque das Nações, Metro station: Oriente
* COLOMBO: Av. Colegio Militar, Uptown, Metro station: Colegio Militar-Luz
* EL CORTE INGLES: Av. Antonio Augusto Aguiar, 31, Uptown, Metro station: São Sebastião

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