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Lisbon_Local Travel InfoPublic Transport
Lisbon has 4 major means of public transportation, namely:
* Buses, trams, funiculars and the Santa Justa Elevator, run by Carris. Here are some maps of the public transport:

An unofficial map of the five remaining tram routes
An official map of the public transport on Carris site

* Metro: It is run by Metropolitano de Lisboa and is the quickest means of transport. It has four lines. The working hours are from 6:30AM to 1:00AM. Lisbon’s metro network diagram can be found here:

* TrainsComboios de Portugal, CP, E.P.E. is a state-owned company and operator of freight and passenger trains in Portugal.

* Boat: The Transtejo ferry line has several riverfront terminals along the Tagus River.

Taxi services
Taxi cars in Lisbon are either beige/or black and green in colour. The indication colours are as follows: green indicates availability while yellow/or red means a taxi car is in service. The lack of any light means out of service.  On service people will see numbers 1, 3, 5 or letters C and P. Their purpose is fiscalization to know if they’re on the right tariff.

* Sixt
* Holidays Car
* Europcar
* Autojardim
* Avis
* Hertz

Transport from the airport to Lisbon
The Lisbon airport is about 9km from the city centre. The possible means of transport are:
The Subway (The Metro Red Line) is the quickest way to reach the city centre. Lisbon metro map could be found here.
Taxi: A Taxi Voucher could be obtained from the Information desk but it’s not a good deal.
Buses: City buses are run by Carris.  Aerobus services include the buses that are specially used “”airport buses” between the airport and the city centre. They are  operated by Yellowbus.

Parking lots:
Lisbon is an old city with narrow, winding and cobbled streets built on seven steep hills. That’s why on-street parking spaces are few, especially in the most touristic and famous parts of the city. There is a large network of privately run underground (sometimes multi-storey) car parking areas. More information on the Lisbon regulations and a full list of the city’s zones could be found here.

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