What to wear

Milan_What to wearThe Italians are famous for their fashionable style and for wearing trendy clothes even for a simple “trip” to the nearby shop or supermarket in the neighbourhood. This is particularly true in larger cities such as the Eternal City, the Tuscan gem – Florence and of course, Milan that is one of the world’s fashion cities.

When visiting Milan, a good rule of thumb is to bring stylish and comfortable outfits for the numerous hours spent raiding the city’s elegant shopping streets, higher-end shops and shopping centres. Narrow jeans and a stylish top are always a very good choice.

Accessories are very popular among the Italians who have almost mastered the art of the scarf and dark sunglasses as well as trendy bags and purses.

Principally, sky-high stilettos are worn with grace along the uneven cobblestone streets of Milan but for ordinary tourists comfy and fashionable flat, riding-style boots or ballet flats are quite appropriate.

Outwear should always be taken in the spring and fall while winter jackets, often in floor-length styles, are a must in winter as this the coldest season of the year.

The weather in winter is cold and foggy, December being the driest and coldest month. The Alps and Apennines form a natural shield thus protecting the city from Arctic circulations.

Summer in Milan is humid and dry. The city is often stricken by heat waves, especially in July and August. Spring and autumn are the “rainy season”, May being the wettest month.

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