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When it comes to cuisine, Milan’s dishes don’t include pasta that much unlike any other Italian cities. Typical meals for the city are Risotto alla Milanese (yellow-saffron rice), Ossobuco (veal shank) and Cotoletta alla Milanese (fried beef chop).

Of course, visitors to Milan should taste even once the local specialty – Panzerotto. It’s a small folded pizza (i.e. a small calzone) with its most common filling of tomato and mozzarella.

Some of the trattorias and take-away places that are worth a visit are:

* Luini is the most famous take-away place offering the traditional Panzerotto

* Royal Restaurant is one of the best places where Risotto alla Milanese could be tasted.

* Trattoria Milanese is a trattoria where guests can indulge in well-cooked and delicious Cotoletta alla Milanese.


Coffee is a very social thing in Italy. There is a variety of coffee types like cappuccino, ristretto, lungo, macchiato, etc.. But when it comes to coffee (or caffé), for folks in Italy it’s simply an espresso (a small cup of very strong coffee served in a porcelain cup, not in a plastic one, topped with a caramel foam called “crema”). In Italy it’s a tradition to order and drink coffee at the bar. This is the way the locals hang out. On the other hand, it costs less (often half the price of sitting at a table).

* Pasticceria Caffetteria Giorgia: Piazza del Rosario, 1, 20144 Milan, Italy

* Caffetteria Degli Atellani: Via della Moscova, 28, 20121 Milan, Italy

* Tomaselli: Via Carlo Imbonati, 24,  20159 Milano

Aperitivo Bars

Aperitivo (or aperitif time) is analogical to the Anglo-Saxon ‘Happy Hour’. As a matter of fact, it has been introduced namely by the residents of Milan. The concept of Aperitivo is focused mainly on free buffet-style snacks (mainly finger food, sandwiches, simple cured meats, fresh bread, crisps and pretzels) with the purchase of a drink at the bar. Principally, aperitivo time is between 6-10pm and is offered by many bars, lounges and street cafès in the city.

* b:free cocktail bar: The aperitivo is from 6.30 p.m. to 9.00 Finger food is included with drinks. The address is: Via Lecco 21 ang. Via San Gregorio, 20124 Milan.

* Abbottega: It is a place for aperitivo or for dinner. A good choice is tagliere with all kinds of prosciutto and a good glass of wine. The address is: Via Ludovico Muratori, 11, Milano.

* Bar Martini: Its courtyard is impressive. Cocktails go with delicious finger food. The address is: Via Corso Venezia, 15, Milan.

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