What to take

European electrical outlet adapter for the European socket is needed for small appliances that run on 220V.

To have a travel umbrella never hurts, especially during the “wet period” on the island of Santorini.

To obtain Euros in advance is useful for paying for small items, gifts and food with cash, if desired.

Medical Supplies are not needed during the stay in Santorini. It is always possible to buy local brands. However, all prescription medications for allergies and other diseases of certain brands are a must-bring. The Santorini Health Center in Fira can be contacted in case of any health problems. Principally, at some drug’s stores and pharmacies on the island advice for minor health problems could be obtained.

A pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, after-sun cream and hat should be always in hand no matter it comes to a walk around the island or sunbathing on the beaches. The sun of Santorini is very heavy, especially in summer months.

A good and comfortable handbag for all necessary belongings and documents is a must. It must always be held in front because of the numerous pickpockets everywhere, especially in tourist spots.

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