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Santorini’s cuisine is mainly based on the traditional agricultural products with a unique taste grown in the volcanic soil of the island. Among them, the most characteristic ones that are used as cooking ingredients are: Santorinian cherry tomato, fava-split peas, capers (the blossom and leaves of the shrubs of wild capers give sharp aroma and a spicy taste), white egg plants (they have a sweet and juicy taste), courgettes, barley, katsouni (a kind of cucumber) and “hloró tyrí”, (a special kind of fresh goat cheese with a creamy texture and a slightly sour taste).  Good taverns on the island of Santorini are:

* Saliveros Taverna is located right on the beach promenade of Kamari Beach. It offers a great variety of local specialties one of them being tomato balls (fried meat balls made of chard, mint, tomato, zucchini and various other greens in batter).

* Perigiali Tavern is located near the Kamari beach. It offers a variety of fresh fish dishes as well as local specialties made from fresh and traditional Santorinian products.

* Sunshine Pasta Fresca is a sea-front restaurant specializing in pasta.

Cafeteria and Confectionery.

Santorini offers its visitors lots of traditional desserts like Koufeto (a wedding sweet made of white pumpkin pulp, sugar, honey and almonds), Sisamomelo (sautéed sesame beaten dessert, mixed with honey and cinnamon), Melitinia (traditional Easter dessert made of soft cheese, sugar and mastic) and Santorinian pudding (dessert made from semolina and milk). A favourite drink in Greece and on the island of Santorini, in particular, is A.K.A. Frappé (Greek iced coffee made from any instant coffee, with much or little sugar, evaporated milk and ice cold water). Some suggestions for places where the traditional desserts can be tasted are:

* Sun Spirit: in the town of Oia, Santorini

* Francos: in the town of Pyrgos

* Il Gelato Doro: in the town of Fira


Santorini vineyard is extremely old. Wines produced from grapes grown in the volcanic soil are unique and exceptional. Assyrtiko, Athyri, Aidani, Mantilaria and Mavrotragano are among the most distinctive and characteristic varieties that can be tasted at the island’s famous wineries like:

* Art Space Winery – Antonis Argyros: Exo Gonia;

* Canava Roussos: Episkopi Gonia; 

* Santo Wines: Pyrgos.

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