IMG_7463_4_5_tonemappedDresden is the capital of the German state of Saxony. The beautiful city lies on the banks of the Elbe river.

The town  was practically wiped out during the 3-day air raids in February 1945 when between 25 – 30 000 citizens died and the entire city centre was destroyed.

Since the end of the World War II the city of Dresden has undergone many reinnovations and reconstructions and has regained its past splendor step-by-step.

Today the city is one of the city with a great cultural, educational, political and economic importance in Germany and Europe.

The state of Saxony and the city of Dresden, in particular, are famous for being home to and gave the beginning of some practical everyday life inventions like toothpaste (invented by the pharmacist Ottomar Heinsius von Mayenburg), coffee filter (whose inventor is Melitta Bentz).

European porcelain was also invented namely here in Dresden about 300 years ago.

Glashütte is internationally famous for the top-of-the-range watches.

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