USA_Seattle_1Seattle is situated geographically in a region known as the “Pacific Ring of Fire” (renowned for its earthquake activity). It is very often nicknamed as “The Rainy City” even though it has a lower rainfall than some other U.S. cities.

Today Seattle has an estimated population of more than 630 000 residents.

The city is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA due to the fact that it has developed as a technology center housing new software, biotechnology and Internet companies.

It is also an important commercial and shipbuilding center as well as an aircraft manufacturing hub.

Seattle is famous for its rich musical history as well.  The local jazz scene contributed to the development of the early careers of Ray Charles and Quincy Jones. The city is well known as the birthplace of the rock legend Jimi Hendrix as well as  the widely spread-out “grunge” rock music style.

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