China_Shanghai_1Shanghai is a city in China located at the heart of the Yangtze River Delta. It is a modern city by Chinese standards.

As a result of the Opium War, China was forced to open some ports to foreign countries. Shanghai was one of these ports.

Shanghai’s relatively small city center makes it easy to navigate. It consists of two basic districts, Pu Xi (western town) and Pu Dong (eastern town), facing one another across the Huang Pu River.

As a general rule, Pu Xi embodies “Old Shanghai” and Pu Dong represents “New Shanghai”. Excellent examples of this dichotomy are characterized in the architecture, with the early 20th century facades of the Bund on the Pu Xi side such as the Peace Hotel and the conspicuously modern architecture of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the Grand Hyatt Shanghai on the Pu Dong side.

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