Tips for Visiting London

London_What to wear• Choose a train station that is under 30 minutes travel time to the attractions you want to visit and book your hotel close to this tube station to minimize your travelling time.

Get to know London and its history beforehand. In this way you’ll begin to understand why some of the districts look as they do. Take Notting Hill, for example – In Regency this area was developed to catch the coat tails of the riches of Kensington. Then the area declined and the large villas were split into many small flats. In the 50s and 60s, this was the cheapest place to live in London. Nowadays you literally need to win a lottery to afford a house there.

Bring a variety of clothes with you. The weather in London is unpredictable due to its proximity to the sea. Never travel without an umbrella :-) or a rain jacket of course. Always check the weather forecast.

Public toilets are not always that visible and in case you are not close to a department store or a coffee place where you can use the restroom, simply check here.

• Save time and money by booking tickets to tourist attractions in advance and online.

• You can get great two for one deals by travelling by train to attractions – check here.

• Save money by buying your snacks and drinks at supermarkets.

• Always travel after 9.30 am on weekdays to save money

• Buy an Oyster Card - London transport is expensive so unless you are going to make one single journey on public transport in London then you should purchase an Oyster or Travelcard. In this way you will save money

Wear comfortable shoes – The wet pavement can be very slippery, we recommend wearing waterproof and non-slip shoes all the time.

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