Top Five Restaurants in L. A.

Restaurant_Rivera_Los AngelesLos Angeles (LA) has one of the most dynamic dining scenes in the country, offering everything from street food to 5-star restaurants. Global kitchens can be found in culinary neighbourhoods across the city, while LA’s beach cities offer some of the best oceanfront dining in Southern California.

Here are our picks for the 5 best places to eat in downtown LA:

Baco Mercat opened in the fall of 2011. Consider the restaurant, a taco-gyro-pizza-eastern hybrid. The chief plays with interesting food and spices combinations. It’s pretty much fun to eat here, but make sure you have a reservation. Absolutely delicious. Address: 408 S. Main St. Los Angeles. Phone: 213-687-8808. Geographical Coordinates: 34.047821,-118.247311.

Rivera opened in 2009 and is a real oasis with exquisite cooking. Creative plates of Mexican, Spanish and New Mexican-influenced food like art on plate. Definitely try the snails, soft shell crab, feijoda and sou vide pork. Don’t miss the Blood Sex Sugar Magic cocktail. Enjoy! Address: 1050 S. Flower St., #102, Los Angeles. Phone: 213-749-14 60. Geographical Coordinates: 34.042881,-118.263665.

Bestia is one of the best places in LA to have some real Italian food. The cooking style is one of maximizing flavors rather than creating contrasts, like pairing iron-rich chicken gizzards with earthy beets, or scallop crudo with squid-ink bottarga — deep on deep; fresh fish on fish funk. The cocktails and the wine list are both serious and fun. The desserts are not to be missed. Address: 2121 E. 7th Place, Los Angeles. Phone: (213) 514-5724. Geographical Coordinates: 34.03363,-118.229268.

Church & State: All cities should have a destination restaurant for steak frites and having a Frenchman making your food under sparkling lights. This lively French bistro has a menu to remember, not to mention the romantic decor and the perfect service to make your evening unforgettable. Address: 1850 Industrial St, Los Angeles. Phone: 213-405-1434. Geographical Coordinates: 34.035608,-118.232519.

Sushi Gen: There’s hardly ever a crowd-less moment at the family-run Sushi Gen, regardless of the time of day. Service is friendly and quick. Entrees, most combined with fresh sashimi, are served with a side of tofu steamed with soy sauce, miso soup, oshinko or pickles, and a copious portion of rice that would appease most appetites. The contents of the Sashimi Special changes daily, rotating according to what’s freshest at the market. Address: 422 E 2nd St Los Angeles. Phone: (213) 617-0552. Geographical Coordinates: 34.047024,-118.2385.

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