Top Five Typical French Pastries

Creme Brulee_Paris Paris never disappoints its visitors and locals alike in the dessert category. Here are 5 typical pastries that could be tasted in France:

A croissant is viennoiseries bread roll that is made of layered dough with butter. Normally, it is an inevitable part of the traditional Parisian breakfast. Other similar breakfast bread rolls are Pain au Raisin (or raisin bread) and Pain au Chocolat (or chocolate croissant).

Besides them, Paris offers a variety of sweet temptations among which are Iles Flottantes/Floating Island (meringue floating on crème anglaise) and Clafoutis (a thick, sweet batter with cherries with powdered sugar on it).

Other desserts that are worth tasting while in Paris are Crepes. They are the classic French pancakes that can be either sweet (with a variety of sweet chocolate, jam, ice cream or fruit fillings) or salty (with cheese, ratatouille, eggs or various kinds of meat).

Last but not least, Crème Brulee (or the “burnt cream”) is one of the most classical French desserts. It has a vanilla base made of rich custard covered with a layer of caramelized sugar usually served in small glazed ceramic bowls.

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